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Lodge Room Rates

If it is a property owner, resort or lifetime member, the lodge rate is a 50% discount or:

Weekdays $74.50/night

Weekends $94.50/night

The above mentioned member may rent a 2nd room at the 50% discount*, and each 3rd room and after is a 25% discount or:

Weekdays $111.75/night*

Weekends $141.75/night*

*The above mentioned member MUST be staying at the same time as their guests in order for their guests to receive the discounts.

All others pay $149/night weekdays & $189/night weekend.

Cabin Rates

The above mentioned members pay the following for the first two cabins:

Weekdays $99.50/night

Weekends $119/night

For the 3rd cabin on, the rates are:

Weekdays $149.25/night

Weekends $178.50/night